SuperMicro Custom 3U

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Motherboard: SuperMicro H8DG6-F[1]

Chassis: SuperMicro SuperChassis 836A-R1200B (Black) + SuperMicro SuperChassis CSE-836 FRONT BEZEL (Black) + SuperMicro Cable Management Arm MCP-290-00073-0N

CPU: (2x) AMD Opteron 6134 12 MB (8-core 2.3GHz 80w)

Chipset: AMD SR5690/SP5100

RAM: (2x) Kingston KVR1066D3Q8R7SK2/16GI PC3-8500 ECC

NIC: Intel Ethernet Server Adapter I340 (E1G44HTBLK)

HDD1: (2x) Seagate Cheetah 15K.7 15.000RPM 300 GB (ST3300657SS) (RAID1)

HDD2: (4x) Seagate Constellation ES 7200RPM 2 TB (ST2000NM0001) (RAID10)

Not working

Out of the box almost everything is working, the basics is covered, stuff like keyboard, USB, VGA, Power Management and Integrated LAN, but the Intel Ethernet Server Adapter I340 is not working on Debian Squeeze running the XEN kernel, and it's only a driver problem, those can easily be compiled.. This problem might be fixed in a newer kernel since those drivers were already in the backport kernel when I tested out this setup, and they will definitely be included in Debian Wheezy.