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Welcome to in Blovstrød, DK-3450 Allerød, Denmark! Thanks to

SemarkIT Networks ( for sponsoring this server!

Our network has a set of rules which must be followed in order to

be on this network, if you don't want to follow these simple rules,

you are free to leave. Remember, access is a privilege not a right!

By connecting to SemarkIT you indicate that you have read

and agree to adhere to our policies and procedures as per

the website (IRCrules). We would

like to remind you that unauthorized public logging of

channels on the network is prohibited. Public channel logging

should only take place where the channel owner(s) has requested

this and users of the channel are all made aware (if you are

publically logging your channel, you may wish to keep a

notice in topic and perhaps as a on-join message).

We reserve the right to remove you for any reason including none.

By registering your nickname with Nickserv you agree that you

are 13 years of age, or older. For more information about the

Children's Online Privacy Protection Act please see their

website at (

By connecting to this server you implicitly allow us to scan

various ports on your ip in order to keep the network free

from open socks servers and proxies...

SemarkIT runs an open proxy scanner. Your use of the network

indicates your acceptance of this policy. For details on

SemarkIT's network policy, please take a look at our policy

page (policy). If you do not agree

to this you can disconnect now!

Thank you for using the network!

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